The Angels’ Share

Directed by Ken Loach

UK, 2012

Cornerhouse, 2 June 2012

Why is Ken Loach elbowing in on Richard Curtis’s insipid territory?

However kindly you may be inclined to view the film, that’s what’s happening here: it’s sentimental, morally bankrupt dross.

Yes, there’s some social realism, but it’s essentially a feel-good fairytale, all about a scallywag with an olfactory talent for identifying whiskeys.  He learns that to get a dream job, you must steal and deceive.

To some, it will be entertaining and humorous enough.  My drift is simply that you expect more from Loach, more anyway than a caper flick with dubious ethics.

A low point, I’m afraid.  Let’s hope Loach bucks up his ideas and improves sharpish.  He needs to.