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Anna Bolena

Music by Gaetano Donizetti

Opera Seria

RNCM Theatre, 16 June 2012

This production, the first undertaking of newly formed, Manchester based Opera Seria, must be reckoned a triumph.

Donizetti’s Anna Bolena may seem a strange choice for a debut, but it paid off royally: we got passion, intrigue, violence, despair, everything you’d hope for in an opera.  There were very many beautiful arias, transforming dramatic moments into captivating tableaux.  Virtually every scene was an occasion for song and the singers – all of them – easily held their own.

Versions aplenty of Henry VIII’s character and reign can be found, and you don’t have to buy into the accuracy of the account here to enjoy the opera.  Just surrender to the story and the emotion.

Details of Opera Seria’s future productions can be found here.