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Swinging at the Cotton Club

The Lowry, 15 June 2012

This was an assured, immensely entertaining show, full of undulating song and fantastic dance.

Most songs were jazz standards, with a few blues and show-tunes added to the mix.  Some dances were lindy hop, others tap, and even the Charleston got a look in.  Not a Sambola in sight, though.  That dance craze has not yet caught on or been reprised, despite its recommendation by the blonde one (Greta Gerwig) in Damsels in Distress.

It was wonderful, and wholly unexpected, to see that Amy Roberts was one of the members of the Harry Strutters’ Hot Rhythm Orchestra.  Just 18 months ago she was playing in the RNCM Big Band, where she gave Pete Long a run for his money on the clarinet.  Now she’s playing professionally and is well on her way to making a mark.