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Prazak Quartet

RNCM Concert Hall, 18 June 2012

They were very unassuming and very, very good, this Czech quartet.

The secret, it seems, is teamwork – they play well together, have an excellent mutual understanding.  Well, the Prazak Quartet has been going for 40 years, so perhaps that’s only to be expected.

Mozart opened the concert, Dvorak closed it, and in between there was a piece by Zemlinsky.

Zemlinsky was a surprise, but a welcome one.  For a long time rather neglected, he was a curiously untimely composer, a high romantic who lived during the age of modernism.  Certainly, this sublime performance of his String Quartet No 1 in A major piqued my interest no end.

Overall, the concert was like playing through a score of Vlastimil Hort’s strategic masterpieces, that’s how well these four fellows performed.

The Prazak Quartet have a website, which includes tour dates and everything, here.