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Your Sister’s Sister

Directed by Lynn Shelton

USA, 2011

Cornerhouse, 2 July 2012

Making a genre film – here, a chick flick – that retains a core truth and vitality is a difficult trick to pull off.  Genre conventions are usually at odds with simple plausibility, never mind raw reality.

This film just about succeeds, but it is a close-run thing.

The best moment is when Iris (Emily Blunt) confesses her love; she is so fraught with emotion it’s as though she has just said she’s dying of cancer.  Her voice tells you that love is losing what you cannot ever truly possess: devastation is guaranteed.  It’s a journey you wouldn’t ever freely take but maybe it’s the best life has to offer.  The moment doesn’t last long, just a few seconds, and only a handful of words are spoken, but it is all there in the girl’s voice.  ‘Brilliant’ doesn’t really do justice to Blunt as an actress, but again it’ll have to do.

The film itself is OK; the teary-eyed emoting is generally kept in check.  Mark Duplass as lovable love object Jack can be quite irritating, though.  And the guy looks even more like a teddy bear than male leads in chick flicks usually do.