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The Hunter

Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Australia, 2011

Cornerhouse, 6 July 2012

Willem Dafoe adds class and intensity to this clean killer of a thriller.

His character, name of Martin, is a guy who’s sent to investigate the sighting of a Tasmanian tiger in the Australian wilderness.  The mission is to get its DNA, to clone it, to find out how it immobilises its prey.  For some reason, his employer – he is contracted to one of those shadowy, unscrupulous, biotechnological outfits with a penchant for cryptozoology, you find them everywhere on the high street nowadays – doesn’t entirely trust him and as Martin tracks the tiger, other sinister forces track him…

Be assured of a rocky ride – thriller elements predominate and are handled very well indeed.  Oh, and there’s also a bit of a subtext about how badly we treat nature and the environment.  But ‘The Bear’ it is not.