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Electrick Children

Directed by Rebecca Thomas

USA, 2012

Cornerhouse, 13 July 2012

When Rachel (Julia Garner) is instructed to marry a boy she has never met, she runs away from her close-knit Christian community.

Our innocent heroine is then besieged by the garish neon glare of modern city life.  Her closeted upbringing creates a certain culture-clash yet gives her a naive charm.  This works sometimes to her advantage.  Apprentice knights yearn to protect her.

There is a potent atmosphere of peril and uncertainty at the start, but somehow the film loses its way and eventually runs out of steam.  It becomes messy and meandering, concerning itself too much with the fate of characters other than Rachel – and that’s a mistake.  The bold powerful image becomes smudged and blurry, rather less powerful.

But it is still a good film and well worth a watch.  Julia Garner’s performance is wonderful: Rachel is weird and strange, and kind of like one of Ben Marcus’ sentences.