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A Thousand Kisses Deep

Directed by Dana Lustig

UK, 2011

Cornerhouse, 24 July 2012

A Thousand Kisses Deep

Holding one’s attention throughout is an achievement in itself for a film, and you can chalk that point up here, no worries.

But baseline coherence, or simply making sense, that’s important too.  It’s a little bit wobbly in that regard.

A young woman, Mia (Emilia Fox), makes a reckoning with her recently deceased mother – a woman she’d never been especially close to, whose love she’d never felt – by travelling back in time and killing her father.  She’d had this man as a lover too, but of course she hadn’t known that he was her father then.

The film is really a reworking or skewering of the Electra myth or complex, and as such it’s an intriguing if rather perplexing work, a treacherous foray into dark fantasy.

When David Warner is in a film, it is always worth a watch, and so it proves here.  He plays Max, a venerable gatekeeper, an alchemist of the soul’s journey.  Of course the only true philosopher’s stone is found upon a tomb.