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The Imposter

Directed by Bart Layton

UK, 2011

Cornerhouse, 25 August 2012

The Imposter

The Talented Mr. Ripley blended with Texas by the Tail would yield something of the flavour of this true crime documentary.

It is about a youth found in Spain who claims to be a boy who had been abducted in San Antonio some years before.  Although the Texas family accept him as their own (and aren’t they best placed to know their own son and brother?), doubts and objections about his identity are raised in due course.

However you cut it, it is a perplexing story and an inconclusive one in the end.  This despite the involvement of a real life, honest to goodness, belt-and-braces PI, a character James Crumley could have come up with.

Leaving the ‘mystery’ aspect to one side, the moral here could well be: ‘Beware of answered prayers.’  Sometimes it may be best not to have a family, to escape from their clutches or to place them to one side.  Give them a miss, pass on it.