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Take this Waltz

Directed by Sarah Polley

Canada, 2011

Cornerhouse, 27 August 2012

Take this Waltz

It’s a chick flick – which is to say that there are elements of wish fulfilment, whimsy and unreality, and the male characters are little more than innocuous teddy bears – but one that’s stylishly made.

Our heroine Margot (Michelle Williams) meets a cute guy while working away on a copywriting assignment.  They travel back together, flirting a little, and it transpires that he lives a few doors down from her on the same street.  Trouble is, she is married, has been so for a fair number of years, so any romance is stymied from the get-go.  The relationship with her husband is fine – a few niggles and blindspots, as with any relationship, but fine overall.

With that, you have the bare bones of the movie: will Margot turn in her slightly rusty but still serviceable hubby for a new model that has caught her eye?  For some, this will be an intensely engaging and involving moral dilemma.  Others will view it as a question on the order of: should the girl get a new pair of shoes or shouldn’t she bother?  (And indeed, some may view this as a moral dilemma; I concede that point.)

While Margot considers her choice, an introspective song will occasionally play on the soundtrack.  As mentioned, it is a stylishly crafted film.