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Directed by David Zellner

USA, 2012

Cornerhouse, 1 September 2012


Absence sits at the centre of this downbeat fairy tale – a missing mother, most likely.

There’s an intelligent, nuanced performance from Sydney Aguirre.  She plays Annie, a tomboy running feral in the forests around the Texas farm where she lives with her father.  Most of her days are spent alone; she has few friends.  When a voice from down inside a pit calls to her, begging to be let out, she is uncertain how to respond.  But respond she must.

It is an immersive film, despite its evident low-budget aesthetic, and has some deft cinematic touches.  Just imagine what Dirty Surrealism might look like (say, Raymond Carver + Rikki Ducornet) and you’ll get an approximate flavour of the film.