The Tin Ring

The Tin Ring

By Zdenka Fantlova

Adapted by Mike Alfreds and Jane Arnfield

The Lowry, 8 September 2012

The Tin Ring
Jane Arnfield in THE TIN RING By Zdenka Fantlova. Photo by KEITH PATTISON.

As theatrical experiences go, this one was especially moving and will live long in the memory.

An adaptation of Zdenka Fantlova’s memoir, which deals in part with her internment in Belsen, it’s a tale of love and survival.  Jane Arnfield delivers it as a monologue, assuming various voices and perspectives, a bare chair the only prop on stage.  But the physicality and versatility of her performance makes it devastatingly effective.  Yes, there are shadows before the darkness descends.  Yet there are moments of humour here too.

Her father said to Zdenka once: ‘Never admit there is anything you cannot do.’  It was valuable and good advice.  It remains so.

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