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Music by John Kander

Lyrics by Fred Ebb

The Lowry, 25 September 2012


Just whenever there is a danger of this show being a Will Young vehicle only, it goes and turns edgy and violent.

And since it is a musical about the rise of Nazism, along with all the complaisance, complicity and cowardice accompanying that chthonic upsurge, you cannot really complain.  What you may recall, as you see the grocer and the landlady break off their engagement, is Henri Bergson’s decision to register as a Jew, thereby spitting on the Vichy government who gave him an opt-out.  You don’t see anyone taking a stand like that here.

The show is excellent, of course, and so too Will Young.  He’s looking and behaving an awful lot like Norman Wisdom here, mind.  But, anyway, for genuine cabaret look to Henri Salvador singing Maladie d’Amour.  A legend, not so long ago deceased.

Cabaret is showing until 29 September, details here.