Jasmin Vardimon Company

The Lowry, 16 October 2012

Jasmin Vardimon Company

It is paradoxical, perhaps, for a show with an abstract noun as its name to be so packed with colourful incident.

Here are a few highlights.  There is a surfer who uses his constantly smiling girlfriend as a surfboard; she seems made up about it all.  A ballerina doing point to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ – oh, and a raucous Led Zeppelin track is in the mix an’ all.  Some fun is also had with balloons and lighted cigarettes: I think this had to do with male virility, but I may be wrong.

Most scenarios are playful and amusing, but there is an edginess at play too, especially when we come to the story of the mermaid who travels inland, following her bliss or fancy.

The dancers are fabulous and do full justice to Jasmin Vardimon‘s wild and free imagination.

In the end, you are left with the curious notion that the purpose of freedom is to facilitate failure, the more spectacular the better.  Not inadvertently but by intent and (naturally) in some style.  For how else can you gain insight into your life?

And along with the wisdom (if such it be) you’re left blessed with many memorable visions of this wonderful show.

Freedom is currently on tour, details can be found here.