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RNCM Theatre, 14 November 2012

Carminho.  Photo credit: Isabel Pinto.

Photo by Isabel Pinto.

She is a wonderful talent, this young woman, her voice fine and fierce, as indomitable (you feel) as her heart.

Her own Fado songs were here, alongside some Fado classics and some sung poems, including one by the great Fernando Pessoa (or rather from one of his heteronyms, Maria José to be precise).  Each song or sung poem she made her own.  It was a perilous, emotionally fraught adventure which you took with her as you listened.  And as long as the guitars played their gorgeous music, you were immersed in her joyously anguished struggle.

Singers aren’t always soulful warriors but Carminho is, she’s out there on the stage, in the field, fighting the good fight.  Long may she emerge victorious.

Carminho is singing in Leeds tonight, then she goes over to France.  Full tour dates can be found here.