Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

Greece, 2011

Cornerhouse, 24 November 2012


Like the director’s Dogtooth, this is a highly original film with plenty to delight and disturb.

Alps is about a group of wannabe actors who offer a service to the newly bereaved: one of their number will stand in for the loved one, to aid family and friends in coping with their loss.  Disastrous consequences follow when their roles carry over into their actual lives.  Weird and weirder situations arise.  Danger reaches tipping point when one young woman just cannot get out of character.

Despite the wacky premise, it is set in contemporary Greek society.  It is dearly and darkly surreal, bewildering, always mesmeric; and there are nice allusions to Bruce Lee and Reservoir Dogs too.

I look forward to seeing Lanthimos’s next film, wherein a bunch of bourgeois people will decide to live their lives according to the extant fragments of Prodicus.  It should be fun.