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Directed by Ben Wheatley

UK, 2012

Cornerhouse, 1 December 2012


In this delightful pastoral comedy, an affectionate young couple go on a caravanning holiday.

Tina and Chris (played by Alice Lowe and co-screenwriter Steve Oram: a pair of perfect performances personified) discover they have a deep love for each other, yes, yet as well a shared interest in doing away with irritating idiots of various sorts: a litter lout, a priggish rambler, an obnoxious Lord Snooty type…

Like Londoners during the blitz, carnage brings the star-crossed lovers together, their passion raging like a torched crib.  But many relationships flounder because of a reluctance by one party or the other to commit completely – and so, when the final curtain falls, it proves here.

In every respect, this is a cracking good film.  If Origen had had seen it (he lived from 185-254, so it is hardly possible, but still…) he would have likely (to express a stronger view would be unwarranted) put thoughts of self-castration momentarily to one side.  Laughter is assured.