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Seven Psychopaths

Directed by Martin McDonagh

UK, 2012

Cornerhouse, 14 December 2012

Seven Psychopaths

You see a screenwriter who is struggling with a script.

This bottle-toting bozo, name of Marty and played by Colin Farrell, has a title for his masterpiece – Seven Psychopaths – but little else on paper.  Some while later you suspect, and it becomes increasingly likely, that the film on screen is his, this is the script completed and brought to life.  Be prepared for some tricksy postmodern shenanigans and coy knowingness, then, that’s my advice.

As for what kind of film it is, besides being clever-clever autobiographical, well it’s a crime comedy in the Tarantino mould.  Faux violence aplenty accompanied by smirks and sniggers.  Another tiresome instance of a tired genre, you might think, and Yes I’d be inclined to agree, but for the disconcerting presence of Christopher Walken as a dog kidnapper and reformed psychopath.  Cawnpore will shortly erect a monument in Christopher Walken’s honour, or so the rumour goes, however this film is a kind of monument too.  It would be small beer without him.