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RNCM Session Orchestra

RNCM Theatre, 10 January 2013

RNCM Session Orchestra

RNCM Session Orchestra. Photo credit: Paul Cliff

It got off to a flyer this concert, with a high-octane performance of the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’, and it never lowered the pressure by even so much as a notch.

Stevie Wonder’s ‘Living for the City’ followed right after and altogether there must have been exhilarating performances of about ten up-tempo pop tunes.

The highlight for me was undoubtedly ‘Labour of Love’, Hue and Cry’s fine song.  A slick, quicksilver arrangement and the lyrics delivered with a crystalline poise (and pose).  Attitude, albeit a restrained and stylised attitude, is all important with this song: and it was present in the performance in spades.

That the concert packed such a punch was due in large part to Andy Stott’s brisk direction.  Once one song ended, another began virtually straight after.  It was a lean, muscular set with no fat anywhere.  And it was over much, much too soon.

The concert can be viewed again here.

And some of the musicians who made up the RNCM Session Orchestra are in action again in Manchester shortly.  On 22 January they play at the Club Zoo on Grosvenor Street, and on 24 January they’re at the  Night and Day Café on Oldham Street.