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RNCM Symphony Orchestra with Sarah Bennett

RNCM Concert Hall, 1 February 2013

After the blissful enchantment of Lowell Liebermann’s Flute Concerto, which saw Sarah Bennett bringing her considerable sonorous gifts to the fore, we were awoken by Beethoven’s Eroica.

It isn’t often that you are granted the opportunity to hear a live performance of any Beethoven symphony, and already with the Ludwig van Festival were on to the third, with others due to follow.  Interestingly, the festival means one is able to examine the music in terms of the composer’s development, from the standpoint of mastery and control.

Inspired by cataclysmic historical events and no doubt much else, not forgetting all that sui-generis stuff, Beethoven alternates ferocity with gentleness and even a semblance of quietitude, but keeps the music moving always forever forward.

The beauty of a lion is of a piece with its power and majesty and that’s true of this symphony too.

A memorable experience.

There’s no sighting of a t-shirt associated with the festival as yet, a pity considering the number of striking images that have been produced.  Anyway, further events in the Ludwig van Festival can be viewed here.