[REC] ³ Génesis

Directed by Paco Plaza

Spain, 2012

Cornerhouse, 18 February 2013


The device of the film as found tape is abandoned about a fifth of the way through, but no matter: it has become rather tiresome of late.

What you have is a wedding that goes horrifically wrong, wrong when certain family members turn into rabid zombies, biting into and vomiting blood over the rest.  It is a right old turn-up for the books, a notch above a dodgy uncle doing embarrassing salsa steps.

Ten swiftly becomes twenty becomes forty, and pretty soon it’s a free-for-all: zombie orgies galore.  Can the newly wed couple’s love survive this onslaught?  More to the point, can they?  That’s the underlying question the film grapples with – the precarious nature of marriage in the modern world – if you’re looking for deep meanings, that is.  It is quite a romantic film, in fact, as well as being very much a gore-fest; and as such it’s no more dysfunctional than, say, Romeo and Juliet.