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Choreography by David Bintley

Music by Carl Davis

Birmingham Royal Ballet

The Lowry, 27 February 2013

Birmingham Royal Ballet - Aladdin

You are surprised to learn that it is a new ballet, first performed just in 2008 in fact, since it appears and feels so much like a part of the classic repertoire.

There is the beautiful princess, the evil villain, the hero descending into the underworld… Aladdin edging his way fretfully into the cave.

The sets and costumes are enchanting; the lighting and special effects – magic carpet and all – are, well, magical; the dance is an undulating wave of sweet motion.  In the scene that ends act one there is what one can only call an homage to Jewels, George Balanchine’s tripartite tour de force.  It’s all copacetic.

And just to be clear: children will enjoy this ballet as much as adults, and there is nothing in it to disturb or offend.

Aladdin is at The Lowry until 2 March, and then tours various venues throughout the UK until the end of the month.  Full tour dates are here.