A puerta fría

Cold Call

Directed by Xavi Puebla

Spain, 2012

Cornerhouse, 9 March 2013

cold call

It is something that we all of us know about – the wolf at the door, the anxiety arising from its presence – and it is what drives this film.

A salesman, down on his uppers, desperately needs to close a deal.  It can’t be just any old deal, mind, it has got to be a biggie; yet even so, he is on the verge of achieving it…  but at what cost?

This finely wrought Faustian film, strewn with moral peril, is about as tense as any thriller you might mention.  When to make a sale you must sell your soul, do you?  Commemorative plaques are reserved for those who can answer ‘Yes’ to that question.