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Directed by Rufus Norris

UK, 2012

Cornerhouse, 10 March 2013


Outside Richard Curtis Land, interesting films are being made about modern Britain.

Here’s an excellent example, a drama about the interconnections between three families that live in the same close: one family has a son with mental health issues, one consists of a widower with three daughters he barely knows and cannot control; while we mainly follow Skunk, a girl with a serious form of diabetes.

At root, its success is down to something fundamental: the lives of the children, all of them not just Skunk who’s played by the formidably talented Eloise Laurence, are treated as seriously as those of the adults.  This even though it is not a children’s film, which is to say a film whose intended audience is children.

That the acting talent on show – Tim Roth, Cillian Murphy, Rory Kinnear (last seen as a cigarette-toting Hamlet) – is top-notch doesn’t do it any harm either.