Music by Giuseppe Verdi

Opera North

The Lowry, 13 March 2013


The beautiful thing about Otello is that it is rousing and moving, yet also (if you’re being a mite honest with yourself) joyously diabolical.

It is a malicious game, gleefully played.

Another pleasing factor is the dramatic irony of seeing an actor acting, which is to say deceiving others.  Part of us always seems to root for Iago, whose near-relations, virtual brothers almost, include Richard the Third and Coriolanus: warriors who cannot cope with peacetime, who find a glee in intrigue and malicious machinations.  Well, what do you do?  You make mischief, that’s what.

Far gone, that’s where Iago’s head is at.  He is a nihilist and no mistake.

Verdi’s opera is the equal of  Shakespeare’s play, and this production is serenely copacetic.

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