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Richard Alston Dance Company

The Lowry, 19 March 2013

Jonathan Goddard & Ino Riga in Shimmer.  Photo by Chris Nash.

Jonathan Goddard and Ino Riga in Shimmer. Photo by Chris Nash.

A splendid evening of dance: gorgeous choreography, impeccably executed.

The company performed three pieces from their current repertoire, The Devil in the Detail, Shimmer and Madcap, with the first of these mixing ragtime music and ballet moves to astonishing effect.  You were wary of it working, but of course you needn’t have worried.

As for Shimmer, it was decadent and dreamlike, an exotic escapade.

There was an abrupt, discordant flavour to Martin Lawrance’s Madcap, a narrative centring on a love triangle or maybe a remembered liaison.  It held one rapt.