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Paradise Moscow

Music by Dmitri Shostakovich

RNCM Theatre, 24 March 2013

A zestful production of Paradise Moscow, an operetta set during the false dawn following Stalin’s death.

David Poutney’s translation gives it something of the flavour of Gilbert and Sullivan’s work.  There’s some satire but in the main it’s played as a romantic comedy.

One or two moments lead to a twinge of dread: when a couple are told that their home no longer exists, has been airbrushed out of history, as it were.  And the garden where the plants and flowers have eyes and ears.  These suggest, ever so slightly, a more sinister (and no doubt a more realistic) world.

The cast were splendid, showing bags of personality and humour and charm, and they gave each song a lot of welly.

Paradise Moscow is showing again tonight and on Thursday, details here.