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Directed by Danny Boyle

UK, 2013

Cornerhouse, 30 March 2013


With his female star, Rosario Dawson, full frontal nudity presents no problem; but Danny Boyle is coy when it comes to meting out the same treatment to co-star Vincent Cassel: curious, that.

We are treated to a crime caper with a complex plot centring on the theft of a Goya painting and a love affair turned rotten.  But to say more would be amiss: the unruly twists and irregular turns pretty much make the film, they are almost all it has going for it.

In James McAvoy Boyle has found a workable substitute for Ewan McGregor; on the evidence of his mimetic performance here, anyway.  This may, however, be just a one-off or an actors’ little in-joke: for the sake of McAvoy’s future career, let us hope so.

Far from being Boyle’s best, but an entertaining affair as long as it lasted.