Spring Breakers

Directed by Harmony Korine

USA, 2012

Cornerhouse, 6 April 2013

Spring Breakers

Gangster, alien, rapper, scaredy cat – those are some of the (sometimes self-declared) personas of the lead character in Harmony Korine’s disconcerting film.

He is given a depth, discoloured to be sure, through the brazen disconnect between the banal story (an unremarkable crime drama) and the cinematic verve with which it is told.  And this is true of the Spring Breakers, the four not so innocent girls, themselves.  He is never fully understandable, this evil motherfucker fellow (another persona, which I forgot to mention), and nor are they.  It’s a case of hidden shallows, perhaps.

Korine’s jarring film is very impressive indeed: familiar genre fare is made disturbing and strange.