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The Gatekeepers

Directed by Dror Moreh

Israel, 2012

Cornerhouse, 20 April 2013

The Gatekeepers

A absorbing documentary wherein various heads of the Israeli intelligence service, from the time of the Six Day War up to virtually the present day, consent to be interviewed on camera.

Originally a prize of victory, the Gaza Strip has turned out to be a cursed blessing, fueling further conflict with the Palestinians.

One is struck by how intelligent, clear-sighted and near-objective these former intelligence chiefs are, in stark contrast to many of the politicians and religious leaders Israel has been lumbered with over the decades.  Yet they proved to be ineffectual, when it came to influencing events.

Because of their unique position and perspective, the unanimity of the judgement that the Israeli government must continue to negotiate with the Palestinians to eke out an agreement carries great weight.

Dror Moreh’s film, for a myriad number of reasons, is an important document.