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Michelangelo Drawing Blood

Sound Affairs

RNCM Theatre, 26 April 2013

Michelangelo Drawing Blood.  Photograph by Bruce Denny

Michelangelo Drawing Blood. Photo by Bruce Denny

This meteoric work sheds thunderous sparks of fire, enlightening the art and life of the great Renaissance artist.

Michelangelo and his muse, a young man who looks like he has just stepped off the pages of Physique Pictorial never mind the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, engage in a struggle at once sacred, resolute and erotic.  Their dance, the drama of their collaboration, brings to mind Michelangelo’s dictum about the heart being an organ of perception.

In Charlie Barber’s original score, played on Renaissance instruments (including the wondrous theorbo), the dance finds its perfect accompaniment.  But the sometime singing seemed out of place with Michelangelo’s art: altogether too baroque sounding.

He altered and expanded our understanding of the human heart just as much as Shakespeare did, this Michelangelo fellow, though granted his sonnets aren’t quite as accomplished.  Expect Michelangelo Drawing Blood to enhance and perhaps alter your appreciation of his genius.  Expect male nudity here as well, there being no Daniele da Volterra around to cover up the naughty bits.

Michelangelo Drawing Blood is currently touring throughout the UK, further details are here.