A Hijacking

Directed by Tobias Lindholm

Denmark, 2012

Cornerhouse, 10 May 2013

A Hijacking

Apart and alone, the crew of a cargo ship await their fate as Somali pirates and company chiefs back at head office negotiate for their release.

However you turn it over in your mind, this film dazzles: it is intelligent, absorbing, quietly brilliant.  At certain moments you feel it stall ever so slightly but then there’s a revelation, a slip of the mask perhaps, a horror or trauma, a subtle terror to put you on edge again.

He comes out of it damaged, does Mikkel the ship’s cook, his exposure to the aleatory imp of evil yielding a cruel cost.  The chief negotiator Peter pays a high price as well, driving home all by his lonesome at the close.

It’s a film I’ll see again soon.