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RNCM Symphony Orchestra with Delia Stevens

RNCM Concert Hall, 17 May 2013

We are up to the seventh symphony so far, and it just keeps getting better.

Not only the astounding music and the pleasure of the performance but the proximity of the orchestra, that’s what makes this series of concerts so special.  You’re sat close to, there is a wonderful immediacy to it all.

Rather fine, too, were the pieces that preceded Beethoven: Britten’s Sinfonia da requiem and Avner Dorman’s Percussion Concerto.  The latter work, an unusual form, was graced by Delia Stevens’ busy, brilliant performance on percussion.  She was a blur of artistry and athleticism yet there was no boy to hand her a towel between movements, as by rights there really should have been.  The RNCM has not yet embraced such practices.

Details of day 8 of the Ludwig van Festival can be seen here.