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The Enough Project

Something Right by Cathy Crabb

Brimming by Emma Adams

The Lowry, 20 June 2013

The Enough Project

These two plays attempt to answer the question, ‘What is enough?’

There is that Blake proverb to contend with: You cannot know what’s enough until you know what is more than enough.  And the question may seem a bit of a blur, since the plays deal with moments of crisis, the currency of all drama.

In the first play, Something Right, it is the moment when Maisie (Lauryn Redding) takes a mind-altering substance.  She changes from being a girl willing to follow the career path set out by her mother to an earnest young woman intent on changing the world.  Expect abrasive humour, fierce emotion (not least from Jo Mousley who plays Maisie’s mother) and ethical dilemma.  Cathy Crabb’s magic touch: nobility entwined with the quotidian messiness of contemporary life.

The moment of crisis in Brimming is an act of shocking violence, illuminating as it does a whole field of violence, albeit much of it covert.  This despite the play beginning calmly enough: Anna (Lauryn Redding again) has invited her boyfriend Johnny (Terence Rae) back home to meet her parents and they enjoy evening supper around a dinner table.

It could very easily have descended into absurdist whimsy, this play (why, I’ll leave as a surprise, but when you see it you’ll know), but that it does not is a tribute to the strength of the writing and the power of the performances.  It’s not a naturalistic play but it is rooted in real emotion.  Russell Richardson excelled as Tony the father, one of those playful bullies who never think of themselves as such.

The Enough Project is at The Lowry until 22 June, further details are here.