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Point Blank

Directed by John Boorman

USA, 1967

Cornerhouse, 23 June 2013

Point Blank

For sure, Lee Marvin is the best screen incarnation of the late Donald Westlake’s anti-hero.

He (Walker here, Parker by another name) is out for vengeance and looking to get paid.  The problem is that even crime syndicates have gone corporate; nobody carries cash anymore, nor takes responsibility for others’ decisions if they can help it.  In consequence, Walker becomes steadily more frustrated, mistrustful, uncompromising, deadly.

This is a brilliant film, not least for the way in which it conveys Walker’s bewilderment and confusion; the guy has been betrayed and wounded grievously, he’s wound up too tight and sure to explode.

John Boorman has never really topped this sterling effort, which is showing again on Wednesday as part of the Matinee Classics season.  Further details are here.