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The Mikado

Gilbert and Sullivan

Opera della Luna

The Lowry, 18 September 2013

The Mikado

This The Mikado is a treat, the musical equivalent of a Viennese cake.

You get consummate singing, comedy antics and colourful, Versace-inspired costumes, and amidst all the laughter and enjoyment there are moments of poignancy and genuine emotion that pull you up short.  For it is well to remember that the best cakes contain sour fruit; they are never too sweet.

There was, I seem to recall, an Elvis in a previous Opera della Luna production.  He didn’t make an appearance here but the assortments this time out did include flamenco dancing.  A curious happening in medieval Japan.

It is an exhilarating production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic, inventive yet always affectionate and respectful towards the music and lyrics.  An endlessly entertaining feast, the most important thing when you see it is to remember to relish each bite.

The Mikado is at The Lowry until 21 September then it tours throughout the UK.  Further details are here.