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Michael Clark Company

The Lowry, 23 October 2013

Michael Clark Company.  Photo by Hugo Glendinning.

Michael Clark Company. Photo by Hugo Glendinning.

There were three pieces, each quite different in character.

The first opened with a girl descending from the sky, to be held by a fellow appearing stage left.  It featured half a dozen or so Scritti Politti tracks, Green’s voice the unifying register.  Motion became mellow and melancholy.

This was followed by a fast, frenetic dance to a Pistols’ song: a return to origins, perhaps.

Once the interval had been and gone, a darker, more explicitly erotic piece was performed.  This was also less balletic than the previous two, though it was not without a comedic slant; with one chap in a pseudo-pantaloon costume, how could it be otherwise?   Jarvis Cocker’s music (Pulp and Relaxed Muscle) provided the propulsion and some of the passion.

Details of the Michael Clark Company’s current productions can be found here.