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Kiss Me Deadly

Directed by Robert Aldrich

USA, 1955

Cornerhouse, 3 November 2013

Kiss Me Deadly

The late, great David Markson once wrote about lurid, overblown melodramas that were later labelled as film noirs and thereby given a veneer of apparent cool and critical acceptability.

He made the remark in either Vanishing Point or The Last Novel, one of the two, I forget which.

Anyway, certainly he has a point as regards Kiss Me Deadly, Aldrich’s adaptation of Mickey Spillane’s novel.  As a study in cold war paranoia it is pretty lightweight and the way all those brassy dames throw themselves at PI Mike Hammer looks rather silly now.  On the whole, it is a contrived, overrated film but the ending still has a certain compelling power.  It may well be ‘The End’.

Kiss Me Deadly is showing again as part of the Matinee Classics season on Wednesday, further details are here.