By Diane Samuels

Manchester School of Theatre

Capitol Theatre, 8 November 2013

Samuels’ play focuses on the relationship between mothers and daughters, what is shared and passed on, what’s unsaid, kept back, yet not quite lost.

Eva, in later life Evelyn, is a Jewish girl sent to England by her parents in the wake of the Nazis’ rise to power.  She arrives safe but not undamaged, and indeed how could it be otherwise?  Although the Holocaust is explicitly alluded to only once, it is a subdued, subtle presence throughout – and for Eva a sinister one, when transmogrified into a childhood monster, the Ratcatcher.

This play put me in mind of Elizabeth Jennings’ A Fear, for like that fine poem its concern is with a pernicious anxiety, burrowed deep, persisting into adulthood.

A luminously intelligent play, wonderfully acted.