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RNCM Strings Day: Inspired by Folk

24 November 2013

For this year, the RNCM Strings Day (formerly a weekend) focused on classical music that owed a particular debt to folk music of various kinds.

The day can only be described as action-packed, including as it did workshops and demonstrations, lectures and discussion, individual performances and full-blown concerts.  The events related to each other in interesting ways: so you had, say, a discussion of Janacek’s String Quartet No. 2 in the morning and a performance of the quartet in the evening.  Most events, such as a harp workshop and a wonderful performance of Kodaly’s Duo for violin and cello, were free.  A highlight was the evening concert where, as well as the Zelkova Quartet performing Janacek’s aforementioned ‘Intimate Letters’ (intricate and intense, then all of a sudden outbursts of sunny dance), the RNCM String Ensemble gave us Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings in E major.  It was a joyously  melodic work which gave great pleasure.

A fabulous day, in sum.  Such themed days and weekends are a regular occurrence in the RNCM calendar and are well worthwhile.  Look out for the next one, RNCM Keyboard Day: The Year 1913, which promises to be equally special.