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RNCM Wind Orchestras

RNCM Concert Hall, 29 November 2013

This concert began with a bang and a clatter and the commotion kept up until it dwindled to a halt at the close.

The orchestra were performing Gavin Higgins’ Der Aufstand.  Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments was next, to be followed by Andriessen’s jazzy On Jimmy Yancey, which had a more conventional feel: the piano had its place.  In the second half there was the world premiere of Paul Goodey’s Hohler Fels, a work with manifold delicate melodies.

These were all works where wind instruments, and to some extent percussion, predominated.

It was a curious concert on the whole, though an enjoyable one.  I’d compare it to the experience of reading a sci-fi or steampunk novel that presents an alternative history of the world: this is how (all) music might have been, had the piano and other string instruments not been invented, or at any rate not dominated so much.