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Anna Huntley, Morgan Pearse and James Baillieu

Carole Nash Recital Room

RNCM, 10 March 2014

Anna Huntley.  Photo by Kaupo Kikkas.

Anna Huntley. Photo by Kaupo Kikkas.

An evening of vibrant song.

The first half, all Schumann, caught many moods: fierce, ardent, tender, conciliatory, ironic.  Five Lieder and then some, Love’s myriad masks. Gedichte von Königin Maria Stuart, a mosaic of moments from the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, closed this part.

Various composers were represented in the second half, which was as varied in mood.  Haunting English ballads and songs, some set to music by Britten; a little light satire; a jaunty foray into the Great American Songbook.

Satisfaction all around.