Tom at the Farm

Directed by Xavier Dolan

France, 2013

Cornerhouse, 5 April 2014

Tom at the Farm

Xavier Dolan’s new film is a provocative and heady brew, part Entertaining Mr. Sloane, part Deliverance, part Narrow Rooms.

Tom (played by Dolan himself) goes out to the sticks to his dead boyfriend’s funeral, staying at the family farm, with his lover’s mother and brother.

He is in a compromised position, to say the least.  The mother is unaware that her son was gay, so Tom has to lie.  While the brother, a stay at home son with a penchant for violent sex games, comes on to him.  After the funeral Tom stays on at the farm to milk the cows and such – and because he kind of likes the brother.

It is Tom’s journey, a tale of terror and revelation, whereas I feel the black humour could have been brought out more.  The film kept me attentive and entertained, mind, right through to the Rufus Wainwright song at the end.

A worthwhile watch.