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War Correspondents

By Helen Chadwick and Steven Hoggett, et al

RNCM Theatre, 19 May 2014

War Correspondents

Verbatim theatre at its best.

A series of songs incorporate the interview responses of a number of journalists and photographers who have reported on war, notably Martin Bell and Maggie Kane.  The songs explore different aspects of their experience, from the life- threatening to the mundane.  From dodging a sniper’s bullet to deciding what to pack in a suitcase.

Candle holders, that is what they are: their role is to shed a light, to show what’s going on in the shadowy parts of world.  They are not there to help or get involved, even though they might empathize with the suffering going on around them.  And it is this balancing act of compassion and detachment, honest reporting yet with a heart, which is most difficult.  What indeed should be done, when presented with problem states like Syria?  ‘Something’, usually unspecified.  But is there a response to war that doesn’t lead to the killing of more innocents?

A thought-provoking work that is currently touring the UK, details here.