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Chinese Puzzle

Directed by Cedric Klapisch

France, 2013

Cornerhouse, 22 June 2014

Chinese Puzzle

According to Schopenhauer, ‘Life is an expiation of the crime of being born.’

For Xavier (Romain Duris), who follows his estranged partner Wendy to New York to be with their children, life is a puzzle whose complications are insoluble.  Which is not to say that his conversations with Schopenhauer and Hegel (he turns up as well) don’t help to ease his confusions somewhat.

Despite the German philosophers, this is in essence a chick flick.  Typically, it has a photogenic male lead, oozes surface charm and diverting incident but seriously lacks depth.  It is, however, stylishly crafted and more amusing than most.  I was entertained.