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Night Moves

Directed by Kelly Reichardt

USA, 2013

Cornerhouse, 30 August 2014

Night Moves

Young and committed, earnest about safeguarding the earth, three environmental activists set out to blow up a dam.

They are not bad people.  On the way to meet up, two of them tend a deer by the roadside.  She’s dead but pregnant, her belly warm, the foal alive inside her.  Even so, they do a bad thing, for although the terrorist act is carefully planned and executed, it has unintended malign consequences.

This is a brilliant film, full of tension and torment, fraught with terrible meaning.   There’s dismay, elegy, accident and remorse, the stain of original sin.  Jeff Grace’s music is disconcerting – alone, it’s about enough to set your nerves on edge.  The actors, above all Jesse Eisenberg, deliver fine performances.

A very great film.