Mugyenko Taiko Drummers

RNCM Theatre, 7 October 2014

Mugyenko Taiko Drummers

Now you might think that a concert featuring mainly taiko drumming (there are a few flutes and bells besides) would be a bit one-dimensional, even boring after a while.

You’d be dead wrong.  There are performances of about fourteen or fifteen works, some traditional, some original.  The rhythm (several rhythms simultaneously, often), reverberation and vibration that these taiko drummers are able to create is captivating.  Their speed, power and dexterity are incredible.  All told, it is an immensely exciting and exhilarating show.

Naturally, you seek analogies for the sounds you hear: the continuous clash of sword upon shield, an arc of rolling thunder, a clanging collision between two tanks, the tremor of an earthquake.  One piece would serve as an ideal replacement for the roar of all those F1 engines, should that enterprise finally decide to go the quieter, more environmentally friendly route after all.  But best to hear these drummers for yourself.

Mugyenko Taiko Drummers are touring the UK at the moment, full details here.