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RNCM Symphony Orchestra

RNCM Concert Hall, 14 November 2014

An immensely enjoyable concert which featured works by Berlioz and Prokofiev, two of which were inspired by Shakespeare’s plays.

We began with Berlioz, the rousing King Lear Overture.  To follow, Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No 3 in C major: scintillating piano-playing from Oliver She and a lot of intricate, filigree violin and viola.

As the concert’s crowning glory, there followed-  Well, only the complete orchestral score for Romeo and Juliet, probably the finest music ever written for a ballet based on a Shakespeare play.  Is this the finest music ever on a Shakespearean theme, including opera, film and songs?  That’s more debatable.  This performance was crisp and clear throughout, altogether bracing.  During the ‘Dance of the Knights’ sequence, the knights leapt, they didn’t limp, to paraphrase Tartakower.

When it was over, you wanted more.