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Catch Me Daddy

Directed by Daniel Wolfe

UK, 2014

Cornerhouse, 28 February 2015

Laila is a young Pakistani woman living with her boyfriend, a white lad called Aaron, in a caravan park.  She’s working in a hair salon, he’s a bit of a waster.  They have something going on.

As their passion flares, Laila’s brother and cousins are out looking for them.  Henchmen scour the streets.  The family want her home and refuse she cannot.

Catch Me Daddy is a contemporary British crime drama that has a gripping opening – the first half hour or so – but the atmosphere is somehow not sustained.  The story meanders and the tension gradually dissipates.  It doesn’t help either that there’s no moral centre and the characters are all weak, weak, weak.  This doesn’t make the film more realistic or in any way authentic – just meaningless.  The final scenes don’t do so much provide answers as raise further questions.

Splendid performances are on show here, mind, not least from Sameena Jabeen Ahmed as Laila.  And it is good to see some new, or at any rate unfamiliar, British actors on screen.  Gary Lewis isn’t an unfamiliar face but he’s always watchable, and gives another classy performance here.