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Directed by Diego Araujo

Ecuador, 2014

Cornerhouse, 8 March 2015


In this nuanced, finely wrought coming-of-age drama a gay lad from a well-to-do family, albeit one facing financial ruin, falls for a bad lad, a biker into heavy metal.

That the passion crosses ethnic and class boundaries and involves a fair amount of flavoursome slumming is probably part of the appeal too – as was the case with Goytisolo.

For Juano, Juan’s kiss comes as a thunderclap, whereas we saw it coming from a long way off.  He’d had no idea he was egging the posh boy on, had thought they were just friends.

The family faces disaster, all lies in ruin, but Juan cares nowt about any of that: he is young and alive and now knows what he is about.

Delight in the film is to be found in the understated performances, the beauty of the Ecuadorian landscape and the subtle portrait of a country (not unlike Peru) where ethnicity remains a marker of class as well as identity.  And Juan Manuel Arregui, much more than a pretty face, is sure to be a star.

Feriado was shown as part of Viva, the Spanish and Latin American Film Festival 2015.